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Annoushka's style

The Annoushka collections celebrate the character, sensuality and strength of jewellery, as a unique reflection of the individual modern woman.

“I have tried to remove the feeling of reverence that so often surrounds the whole experience of buying and wearing fine jewellery, I want our pieces to be worn every day; to encourage women to wear their huge, glamorous cocktail rings to a party, but also to dress up their jeans.”

In an attempt to encourage modern women to create their own jewellery wardrobe, and give them the confidence to have fun with their jewellery, collecting and mixing old with new and layering as you would with clothes, Annoushka has tried to focus on creating timeless designs, with a modern twist. She has designed pieces that embrace the unique characteristics and colours of stones, so as to evoke a feeling that you could have owned them all your life.

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